Thursday, 11 February 2010

Another geriatric driver kills

If this 89-year-old driver had been obliged to undergo an annual medical test and an annual driving test, this crash would very probably never have happened because the driver might well have been deemed unfit to be at the wheel of a car.

A pensioner who lost control of his car and smashed into a mother pushing a pram, killing her 18-month-old baby, may have suffered a heart attack at the wheel, police suspect.

The 89-year-old man also lost his life in the horrific crash which happened as 30-year-old Jackie Bloomer was on her way to pick up her older son from school.

She was fighting for her life in hospital last night after suffering multiple injuries and is not believed to have been given the dreadful news that her younger boy, Jayden, has died.

Department of Transport statistics show that drivers over the age of 80 have more accidents per mile than any other age group

There are, according to the DVLA, over 700,000 people aged over 80 with an entitlement to drive.


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