Thursday, 11 February 2010

BBC London News once again runs a parking story

Stone the crows. Yesterday I’d barely posted about BBC London’s indifference to the killing of two pedestrians and a cyclist, and its obsession with parking ticket stories, than up popped this:

Some motorists who park illegally in central London could receive written or verbal warnings instead of a £120 fine, Westminster City Council has said.

It said warning notes could deal with 20% of parking offences in the borough.

Naturally BBC journalists are yet again keen to give free publicity to a man who makes a living out of selling advice to drivers who have received parking tickets:

Founder of Barrie Segal said: "This is a long overdue change in policy.

It won’t work, of course. Education and advice don’t work with drivers, who are the most pampered criminal class in Britain. The blood-drenched road lobby construct known as “road safety” is rooted in advice and education and telling kiddies and cyclists to make every effort to avoid lawless killers in a one-ton metal death machine.

Westminster Council hates punishing drivers because it’s a Tory council. It has always been disastrous for London that most of the West End is under the control of a pedestrian-hating cycling-loathing car-crazed Conservative Council like Westminster.

And remember that this is the same council that is itching for the power to

hand out penalty notices to cyclists who are caught breaking the law such riding through red lights or on pavements

It has not been disclosed how much the fines would be, but the council has proposed a £100 fine previously, up from the current £30 which was seen as too lenient.