Thursday, 25 February 2010

Waltham Forest introduces safe segregated cycling infrastructure

The latest issue of the Council's propaganda rag Waltham Forest News drops through the letterbox. And I am thrilled to see that at last Waltham Forest has taken on board the need for safe, segregated cycling infrastructure. Here, at the heart of the pedestrianised Town Square, cyclists can enjoy risk-free cycling in a fenced-off, traffic-free environment.

However nothing in life is without danger, least of all walking. That's why even the tot on the right is wearing one of those child-size perfect-fit helmets, evidently styled on the protective headgear worn by our popular Prime Minister on his recent morale-boosting trip to Afghanistan.

But, hey, let's not cite material out of context. For the full story, see below. Only the worst kind of carping critic would point out that just to the right of the photograph is one cycle stand by Bhs where there used to be five, four having fallen out like rotten teeth and never been put back by this crap council. With another one missing for similar reasons to the left of the pic, outside the library. But why bother with mundane stuff like cycle parking infrastructure when there's ten grand to splash out on helping communities to go green, keep fit and, above all, have fun! A strategy which is so successful that the number of children cycling in London is going, er, down, down, down...