Sunday, 7 February 2010

Crap BTP driver

The junction of Eversholt Street NW1 and Grafton Place, yesterday at mid-day. The driver of this British Transport Police van was too impatient to wait at the lights, so he edged forwards and stopped on the yellow cross-hatched marking. Reg WR09 EXJ.

This moron blocked the signalled pedestrian crossing at green, and blocked access for anyone pushing a wheelchair, let alone a blind pedestrian using those tactile pink studs. The driver also managed to mount the pavement when he finally turned the corner.

A lot of people end up in the BTP when they fail entry to the Met. (Yes! Standards at the BTP are that low!) But they re-apply and eventually they succeed. I'd say this driver has now definitely reached the standard required to be fit to drive a Met vehicle.

I'd always assumed that BTP officers worked only on trains and at railway stations, dealing with drunks and directing confused elderly passengers to the location of Platform 22. But visitors to the City last year discovered that they also help out on London's streets too!