Monday, 15 February 2010

Toronto: 14 pedestrians massacred in just one month

A woman in her 30s became the 14th pedestrian to die on GTA roadways this month [January] after she was struck and killed by an SUV in the city's west end last night.

Naturally the car supremacist cops are already rushing to make excuses for the killer driver:

Sergeant Tim Burrows of Toronto Police Traffic Services said the woman was crossing Davenport at Symington but was walking west of the intersection, outside the crosswalk.

"The light was green for north and south and
she was crossing the road with the lights," he said. "Unfortunately, she was a little bit outside the crosswalk, which may have surprised the driver. We're not really sure yet."

Well pedestrians and cyclists who “surprise” drivers can expect to die, can’t they?