Thursday, 11 February 2010

Look who’s obstructing the cycle lane!

Yesterday was another fun day cycling on the A112 in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. Which as you can see combines a first class cycle lane for cyclists with an attractive environment for pedestrians. The cycle lane at this point enjoys the protection of a single yellow line NO WAITING restriction, ensuring that during the day it never gets obstructed by drivers stopping here to pop into the adjacent branch of the HSBC bank. Spot the attractive and cleverly sited BT advertising panel in the background. This is a location previously featured on this blog.

And who does that white van belong to, parked outside the bank?

Doh! I might have guessed. It’s like meeting an old friend.

It would be perfectly possible to redesign this site in a way that prevented obstructive parking of this sort and provided cyclists with a safe segregated cycle lane on the Dutch model. But that's unlikely to happen, since even cycle campaign groups aren't asking for it.

Ah, the sheer crappiness of the vehicular cycling experience. Tell the LCC and CTC to Wise up