Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Pedestrian run down and killed on Bow Road

There have been three violent killings in London since Saturday, none of which have been treated as newsworthy by the journalists at BBC London News. A pedestrian run down and killed on the pavement by a bus, a cyclist crushed to death by a lorry, and this:

A teenager was knocked down and killed on a Pelican crossing by a car.

The 19-year-old was hit by the blue saloon BMW 330 while crossing Bow Road in Mile End. Paramedics rushing to the scene were unable to save her and she died a short while later.

Meanwhile any parking ticket story, no matter how trivial, is inflated by BBC journalists into a story of cosmic significance. Drivers who get speeding tickets or parking tickets are repeatedly constructed as victims of injustice by the BBC. Meanwhile pedestrians and cyclists die at the hands of drivers and the BBC deliberately blanks this out. The most common form of violent death in London does not exist for BBC News.