Saturday 3 April 2010

More delusional crap from Sustrans

One hundred and forty girls are taking part in Beauty and the Bike sessions in York in a bid to boost female cyclist numbers.

The project, run by York City Council working with Sustrans, is aiming to tackle cycling’s image problem amongst females by targeting younger girls with the message that cycling can be fashionable. The sessions emphasise the health and fitness benefits, as well as providing participants with free ethical beauty product goodie bags from Lush.

Vicki Hill, Sustrans events manager, ran the sessions on behalf of Cycling City York. She told BikeBiz: “When the project ends we’ll collate feedback from the girls. The report should reveal
some of the causes behind what is stopping them from cycling.”

It’s the same thing that stops everyone else from cycling, stupid. Vehicular cycling, with all that implies in terms of crap cycling infrastructure and having to share road space with high volumes of motor traffic. York's credentials as a cycling-friendly, walking-friendly city are greatly exaggerated and York Council is a major obstacle to transforming the city into Britain's Groningen.

You see, it’s all about infrastructure.