Thursday 1 April 2010

Running down a mother and a baby on a zebra crossing is ‘careless’

A PENSIONER has spoken of her misery and sleepless nights after knocking down a six-month-old baby on a zebra crossing in Brentwood Maureen Williams, 75, admitted careless driving at Basildon Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday, after crashing into a baby boy in Ongar Road, last November.

The driver, who is a volunteer for St Francis Hospice, was fined £233 and given six points on her licence.

[She should have been banned. It’s absurd that dangerous driving is sanitized as ‘carelessness’ by the British judicial system.]

Speaking days after her appearance in court, Mrs Williams said: “It was a tragic accident.’

[No it wasn’t. It was the predictable consequence of the criminally reckless use of dangerous machinery.]

‘It’s made me terribly upset and I haven’t been sleeping properly. She said: “It had been raining nonstop and the road conditions were dreadful."

[In other words, she was going too fast for the road conditions. But it always helps to blame the weather when you crash.]

"I remember seeing the mother and thinking that if I braked hard I’d skid right into her. It was only then I saw the baby, but I didn’t feel a thing and my car doesn’t have a scratch.