Saturday 29 May 2010

bicycle advertising

Using bikes to promote businesses annoys a lot of cycling bloggers, when this involves appropriating a cycle stand. In Waltham Forest this isn’t a problem as in most key locations there are no stands to misuse!

This bike with plastic flowers has been moving around Walthamstow on a daily basis. It's advertising fun at The Nag's Head on Orford Road E17, fun which is happening NOW. Sorry I'm so late posting it, I was detained by some Belgian beer.

Today it was by the cycle route on St Mary Road, yesterday it was outside the station, and before that across the road from The Nag’s Head (first photo) and then East Avenue.

Hurry along to the Nag’s Head (sorry, no bicycle parking available outside one of Walthamstow’s most popular pubs) for an afternoon of fun NOW. Be warned, though, one visitor reckons it's full of pretentious people who read Nick Hornby books.

(That wouldn't be me. I'm the one reading Nietzsche.)