Monday 17 May 2010

Police accused of lying over cyclist death

THE parents of a 14-year-old cyclist killed by a car in 2003 have accused police chiefs of a seven-year cover-up over his death. Alan and Joyce Beasley claim senior officers are hiding the truth to protect colleagues.

"The police know the true events of that day but they won't say it because more than one officer was involved. It's all about the protection of police officers and we see it time and time again."

Sam was hit and killed near his family home on the isle of Arran. The driver of the car, Catherine Munro, then 60, was fined just £300 and given six penalty points for careless driving. The report by complaints commisioner John McNeill found that officers failed to preserve the accident scene and let Munro drive off after giving a brief statement. Traffic was allowed to drive past the site and the car was not seized as evidence for several hours.

Alan and Joyce were furious when Munro avoided jail,
and they have accused the police of lying and falsifying evidence in a bid to keep the case out of court.