Sunday 16 May 2010

Driver mows down six Montreal cyclists, kills three

About once a month, somewhere in the vehicular cycling world, a driver manages to drive straight into a group of cyclists, with devastating consequences. It’s probably only a matter of time before it happens somewhere in central London. The latest cycling massacre occurred in Montreal:

Three female members of the Club de Triathlon St. Lambert died after a collision with a pickup truck yesterday.

[Note that once again a lazy journalist with a car supremacist consciousness applies the act of colliding to the cyclists, not the killer driver]

Sandra de la Garza Aguilar, 36, from St. Bruno de Montarville, Christine Deschamps, 44 and Lyn Duhamel, 39, from Boucherville, were all confirmed dead last night.

The three other cyclists in the group - two women and a man - were seriously injured but were expected to survive. Hours after the 10 a.m. crash, police officers were still picking through wreckage stretching across about 40 metres of the highway - bike wheels, water bottles, gloves, glasses and shoes. Three bikes were badly mangled.

It appears the group was cycling in single file on or near the right-hand white line on the paved part of the highway, near the shoulder, said Sgt. Claude Denis of the Sûreté du Québec