Tuesday 18 May 2010

‘Road terrorism’

I’m inclined to think that Canada is probably the most viciously anti-cycling country in the world. Just a theory I’m working on…

A "road terrorist" and the Quebec government are together responsible for the deaths of three cyclists on a Quebec highway last week, the husband of one of the victims says. "Today, I struggle to find me a reason to go on without my wife who was unjustly taken by a 'road terrorist,' " Patrick Lacroix wrote in an open letter sent to the news outlets.

Mr. Lacroix said he was surprised to learn that police did not test the man for alcohol.

"If we add the fact that the driver is a young volunteer firefighter -- so a colleague of the police -- I won't be surprised that the file will be closed quickly.

At the time of the crash, a provincial police spokesperson said alcohol was not suspected to have been a factor.

On Monday, police spokesman Ronald McInnis confirmed that the truck driver was not tested for alcohol.

He said under the Criminal Code, before they can administer an alcohol test, police must have reasonable grounds -- such as alcohol on a driver's breath
or erratic behaviour.

And obviously driving into the back of six cyclists who are riding in single file at the edge of a road, killing three of them, couldn’t possibly be construed as ‘erratic behaviour’ in a car supremacist society with car supremacist cops.