Monday 24 May 2010

Giggling hit and run killer gets just 6 year driving ban

The latest insult in a society where the right to drive is far greater than the right to live.

Mr Roberts’ 12-year-old daughter, Amy Allen, said: ‘He was a loving father and he was always happy when he was with me. I will really miss him.’

Her father was killed by a murderous yob who admitted that he ‘liked the excitement of driving a powerful car.’ In a 30 mph zone

Kurshid roared into him at 70mph, catapulting the father-of-one 40 yards into the air.

As the victim lay dying, Kurshid, of Bolton, Greater Manchester, sped off with rap music blaring from the stereo and dumped the 155mph car.

But the directors of the company which makes this killer vehicle were not prosecuted for conspiracy to kill. Britain’s corrupt judicial system is drenched in the values of the road lobby and declines to ban drivers for life. No politician has a word to say. The editors of the Guardian and the Independent will continue to publish motor porn reviews drooling over high speed killer cars. And Britain’s toothless cycling and walking organsations are mute, as always.

And the killer yob will soon be back on the roads, since he is 21 years old and has only been disqualified from driving for six years.