Sunday 16 May 2010

Miss and run lorry driver

A CYCLIST broke his arm as he swerved to avoid being hit by a lorry in the early hours of the morning. David McCormack (42) was on his way to work at the DHL centre in Westfield at 4.30am when the ordeal happened outside Cumbernauld Rugby Club on Chapelton Road.

David, from Castburn Road, said: "I've been really fortunate. I was wearing my high-viz vest because it was so early in the morning and there are no lights on that road.

"The lorry driver came round the bend behind me and saw me at the last minute. He swerved up onto the grass verge and I went off at my side, I didn't have any time to think about it."

But the driver of the white lorry cab then drove off without stopping.

"To be honest, it really puts me off cycling.

"There's a promotion going on at my kids' school to get them out on the roads on their bikes.

"I'm wondering if the people organising it know what it's actually like out there on a bike.

"There's another cyclist at work who's been hit twice.