Monday 17 May 2010

How to suppress cycling

The recommended cycle route which runs south through quiet backstreets parallel to the busy A112 in Walthamstow emerges from Belgrave Road and crosses Boundary Road on to Rosebank Road and Russell Road E17, emerging on Lea Bridge Road, a major route.

But then about a year ago Rosebank Road and Russell Road were made NO ENTRY, in order to smooth traffic flow along streets lined on both sides with free car parking bays. The fact that this was a recommended TfL cycling route mattered not a jot to the car-centric planners of Waltham Forest or its complacent car-centric councillors. But not to worry, cyclists can go a bit further and find an alternative route through the alley that runs through to Shrubland Road. (Shown above)

Except that it’s NO CYCLING. So much for permeability in prizewinning cycle-friendly Waltham Forest.

Listen, local cyclists, why not get real and use a car? Waltham Forest Council has no use for you. It’s motoring and parking that’s the absolute number one priority.