Sunday 30 May 2010

The war on the motorist

Instead of acknowledging that Britain’s roads are full of reckless, lawless drivers who don’t even spot a large sign and a yellow speed camera, this story is characteristically spun to represent dangerous criminals as victims, mercilessly persecuted by the state. In reality these pampered maniacs are getting off lightly. Anyone convicted of speeding should automatically lose their licence for a year.

Two fixed cameras installed to slow cars to 40mph approaching roadworks are thought to be the biggest moneyspinners in Britain.

Activated just 10 days ago, officials estimate 1,000 drivers a day speed past the cameras at over 40mph. But only those exceeding 46mph are issued with tickets.

Despite the higher threshold,
at least 900 tickets potentially netting £54,000 in £60 fixed penalty notices have already been issued.