Saturday 22 May 2010

It’s the same everywhere, mate

It’s the fundamental condition of vehicular cycling in Britain:

He said he was "quite often" overtaken "stupidly close" by motorists on the road, who ignored the Highway Code rules about leaving space and the legal requirements to drive safely.

And it's not just the "close over-takers". Motorists who display unprovoked aggression towards cyclists are another danger.

"I was riding through Fremington past the speed camera where is a central reservation," he said. "I was doing nearly 30mph on the bike and this guy comes behind me and undertakes me in the bus stop, shouting abuse and stops in front of me. If he had waited for 12 seconds he would have been able to overtake me safely."

He had experienced
cars speeding past him as he approached traffic lights just to get a few metres in front of him.