Saturday 20 June 2009

Bike Week Day Eight

At skool they taught me that a week only lasted seven days. But in the strange world of British cycling a week apparently has nine days. So here is my little celebration of day eight.

Cycling on Lea Bridge Road (a.k.a. as the A104) has dramatically increased over the past nine years. The council’s 7am-7pm counts are:

1998 395

2002 652

2006 634

2007 677

This massive increase in cycling can surely only be attributed to the magnificent off-road cycle lane here, which has long included this 'weak bridge' section, which narrows to a generous twelve inches (pedestrians to the left of the continuous white line, cyclists to the right of it).

Sadly, most cyclists seem to prefer to cycle in the road, thereby avoiding having to give way at side roads, as well as avoiding bus queues, bollards and other miscellaneous obstructions. Shunning an off-road facility of this sort is just typical of the ungrateful, bloody-minded, risk-seeking cyclist mentality.