Tuesday 16 June 2009

World Naked Bike Ride 2009

(Above) Auckland
(Below) London

(Below) This awesome Transport for London poster advising cyclists how to behave on the roads is really getting its message across.


"You've got people here with no protective clothing and no helmets so of course we are concerned about their safety," said Vancouver police Sgt. Brian Green.

Boulder, Colorado

After threatening naked riders with arrest and registration as sex offenders, the Boulder Police Department issued the following statement.

Boulder police officers issued no tickets at today's World Naked Bike Ride. About 35 riders participated in the event, but all of them heeded officers' requests to cover up in compliance with Colorado's indecent exposure laws. The group was very cooperative.

The communications center received no calls or complaints about the ride this year, and the department was able to monitor the event with existing resources. No overtime was necessary.


"A cop said, 'Put your clothes back on or you're going to jail,' " said Bedford-Stuyvesant resident Nathan Hill, 26, who was completely naked except for some body paint until the warning. He reluctantly put his boxer briefs back on.

"These guys are idiots - clowning around, holding up traffic," said Tom O'Connor, 27, of Astoria. But that didn't bother Melissa Paxton, 26, who watched the chaos unfold at the Chelsea Waterside Park around 7 p.m. "I'm waiting for naked men," said the boy-crazy Upper East Sider. "I'm single."