Tuesday 9 June 2009

Cycling issues

Bike week! Organised bike rides! Leaflets! Posters!

But the fundamentals remain neglected. Cycle parking, say. Or road danger resulting from cars expressly designed to flout speed limits.

Simon Usborne:

Why, when theft is so rife in our cities – and when cycling is supposedly the way to get around – is it so difficult to find safe places to leave our rides? Reluctant to rely on lampposts, I've been scouting secure car parks, of which there is no shortage in our cities. But when I ask about bike parking, they look at me as if I want to stable a horse.

In the hard copy of the Independent magazine Usborne’s piece runs alongside a review of the Volkswagen Golf GTI, which boasts a Top speed: 147 mph 0-60mph 6.9 seconds.