Friday 26 June 2009

Inadequate cycle parking

Why are cyclists always moaning? Every cycle stand in the London Borough of Waltham Forest includes an attractive accessory - in this case a beautiful table. (Pretoria Avenue E17, yesterday)

A survey of more than 450 cyclists by the London Assembly found that 77% rated bike parking facilities as poor.

Labour Assembly Member Joanne McCartney, who led the investigation, said: "In virtually every area, from new residential developments to mainline stations, the situation was the same. There is not enough secure cycle parking in the right places to meet the soaring demand in London."

She's right. Just take a look at this.

(Below) The theory of modern cycle parking is that each stand can provide parking for two bicycles, one each side. So in theory you can park six bikes here. Yeah, right...

(Below) This bike frame, which has been here for many months, continues to clog up a cycle stand in the Town Square. Maintenance of bike stands is just about non-existent. Yesterday.


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