Friday 19 June 2009

Bike Week Day Seven: fun, fun, fun!

What are the couple in this Transport for London poster up to? The male cyclist has braked, and his female companion is swerving into the middle of the road.

I think TfL is to be congratulated for this poster, which realistically portrays necessary cycling manoeuvres in the London Borough of Waltham Forest.

Firstly, the need to engage with challenging road surfaces.

Secondly, the skill required in finding space in the Advanced Stop Line for cyclists, particularly when turning right.

Thirdly, the everyday challenge of just making your way along a street.

Fourthly, the importance of not being distracted when passing through the superbly maintained top class cycle lane facilities at road closures:

(Above) 'I have laser eyes and I can read your mind'
(Below) Priscilla the cat is missing

Fifthly, the regular need to dodge potholes

And last but not least, the skills required in passing the new barrier on the off-road cycle lane on Snaresbrook Road!

Pics taken on Storey Road E17, A112 junction with the A104, Vernon Road E17, York Road E4, Edinburgh Road E17, Storey Road E17.