Sunday 28 June 2009

‘Britain's green shame’

In its critical analysis, released on Wednesday, the Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) warns that progress on a number of green targets has been "undermined by stasis or even reversion".

Britain remains the EU's second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases and is not on track to meet its target of a 20 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2010.

Britain is one of the poorest performers in Europe in supplying energy from renewables and is not on track to meet national and EU targets.

Britain has the highest rate of childhood obesity in the EU.

Despite decreases in overall emissions of air pollutants, 20 cities fail to meet EU legislation for particulates, and the UK is at risk of missing targets for nitrogen dioxide levels.

Between 1986 and 2003, the average number of trips by foot fell by 30 per cent.

Road traffic volume has risen by 20 per cent since 1990, and the frequency of car journeys in the UK outranks walking, cycling and public transport.