Thursday 18 June 2009

The death of María Emma García Fernández

Astonishingly, almost one week after the death of cyclist María Emma García Fernández on Charterhouse Street EC1, killed by a dustcart, not a single media organisation in Britain appears to have mentioned this fatality. This is another indictment of BBC London News, which repeatedly ignores cycling fatalities in the capital. I’m disappointed that the London Evening Standard (which has a much better record) is also, so far, silent.

My photo is borrowed from here.

There are comments here and here, where I came across this:

On the map Freewheeler uses, the body of the cyclist was laying motionless in the middle of the road where the "RT" of "CHARTERHOUSE" is below "B500". So I struggle to see how it was the result of a truck jumping a traffic light (as said in the Spanish article), or turning left as Freewheeler suggests.

If this is accurate, then the collision appears to have taken place by the junction with Ely Place EC1, not Holborn Circus (as stated in the source I cited, which is what I based my tentative suggestion on).


Los restos mortales de María Emma García Fernández, de 24 años, residencia en el municipio coruñés de Sada, que perdió la vida en un accidente en Londres, al ser alcanzada por un camión cuando paseaba en bicicleta, llegarán al aeropuerto de Alvedro este jueves.