Friday 26 June 2009

Famous singer in cycling sex shock Tour de France sensation

Dozens of love letters from singer Edith Piaf to a French cyclist, in which she describes her sexual fantasies and vows to quit drinking for him, fetched 55,000 euros ($77,400) at auction in Paris on Thursday.

Piaf, almost as famous for her many love affairs and addictions as for her songs, wrote the previously unseen letters to championship cyclist Louis Gerardin in 1951 and 1952, dedicating her song "Plus bleu que tes yeux" to him. In her letters to Gerardin, she mixes that passionate love with sexual desire, praising the cyclist's thighs and buttocks.

Gerardin himself reportedly said of his mistress: "Forty eight hours with Piaf are more tiring than a lap in the Tour de France".

Above: Cyclist thighs and buttocks on Addington Street, SE1

It's good to see that health and safety has not been overlooked and everyone in this picture has remembered to wear protective headgear.