Sunday 21 June 2009

A hit and run caught on video

You'll have to watch it more than once (and get rid of any pop-up advertising) as the incident happens very quickly at the bottom of the frame.

The pedestrian had right of way, the driver went through a red light and was breaking the speed limit. Which puts these four charming YouTube comments into perspective:

why the fuck would he step if front of the truck? fucking idiot deserves it. I hate those cocky pedestrians who cross the road like sheep, some without even looking and expect you to stop!

wow..that was just beautiful
i hope that they wont get the driver

lol, how dumb can your be to cross a intersection with moving vehicles! he clearly diserved it!


In the video, Torres enters the Marin Blvd. crosswalk with the right of way. He almost immediately begins waving his arms, but is struck by the truck, which police estimated was traveling 35 to 40 mph in the 25 mph zone.