Sunday 28 June 2009

More 'cyclists please dismount' absurdity

I am getting very, very tired of these temporary signs, which I encounter regularly. Anyone who thinks a cyclist is going to dismount and push their bike for the next 30 metres is plainly delusional. But doubtless any cyclist knocked off their bike at this location by an impatient or reckless driver would be deemed to be guilty of substantial contributory negligence. And if they weren't wearing a cycle helmet, well, that would clinch the total innocence of the driver, would it not?

This pic was taken on the A503, by the junction with Hurst Road E17, on Thursday. A small section of roadworks in the centre of the carriageway forced vehicles into the cycle lane. What the sign should say is DRIVERS SLOW, TAKE CARE, CYCLISTS HAVE PRIORITY

As a strategic main road leading from the M11 motorway and North Circular, this 'A' road comes under the jurisdiction of Transport for London. So Boris can take personal responsibility for this sign. I think we all need to email him and ask how his vision of a great cycling renaissance in London fits in with this style of highway contractor culture and signage. Boris's email address is