Saturday 13 June 2009

Bike Week Day One: major smash in Walthamstow

(Above) On the first day of National Bike Week a cyclist passes the scene of the latest major road smash in Walthamstow. Two vehicles collided earlier today at the junction of Forest Road (A503) and Wood Street (B160), demolishing part of the wall outside Wood Street Library.

Evidently no one was killed, although judging by the location of the wreckage anyone who had been cycling or walking past when this happened might well now be wrapped in a body bag and lying in the local mortuary.

What happened? I have no idea, though it seems quite likely that at least one of the drivers involved was going faster than 30 mph. As the British car industry has always successfully resisted the installation of aircraft-style black boxes in motor vehicles, we'll never know the true speeds involved.

This junction is notorious for red light jumping. Speeding remains a major issue on Forest Road. The ASLs for cyclists at this junction are routinely abused by drivers all day along. The installation of cameras at this junction to catch speeding drivers and red light jumpers is long, long overdue.

Context. This junction is sandwiched between this junction and this junction.