Sunday 14 June 2009

Death in Boise, Idaho

For the third time in three weeks, a collision between a motorist and a cyclist has resulted in deadly consequences. The latest incident claimed the life of a well-known and well-liked cyclist.

Police call this a tragic collision -- behind the wheel of the vehicle, a 16-year-old driver -- on the bicycle -- 37-year-old Kevin Pavlis. For more than a decade he's worked at Idaho Mountain Touring -- and today, that downtown Boise store became a gathering spot for those grieving the loss. Inside the store the mood is mournful after long-time manager Kevin Pavlis lost his life while cycling Thursday evening.

As Kevin and his cycling group headed eastbound, police say a 16-year-old driver, traveling the opposite direction, turned directly into Kevin's path. "He hit it, basically, face first into the side of the car," said Haunold. Jim Johnston was among those riding with Kevin and saw the collision occur. "It happened right in front of him, and to boot, Jim is also a physician and surgeon and immediately helping Kevin out," said Haunold. "So,
he's very, very upset."