Saturday 13 June 2009

What I like about cycling in London

What I like about cycling in London is the warm and friendly reaction you get from everyone. The police go out of their way to create a safe cycling environment. Drivers are quite happy to sit in traffic jams and smile as you go by. Visitors to London are amazed to see people propelling themselves around on two wheels (or in some cases, one). Some people break into spontaneous outbursts of applause. Others raise their glass and cheer. And everyone wants to take your photograph! Just see the pleasure that a simple mass bike ride can bring.

All pics taken this afternoon.

(Below) For some reason cyclists going towards Centre Point are not as interesting as cyclists heading towards Oxford Circus. It's a mystery.

And what was it Londonist said? If you're an uninhibited exhibitionist cyclist with an anarcho, greenie streak. That’s me exactly!